Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a main focus at Salvino Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Salvino is a member of both the Breast Leadership Committee at Hinsdale Hospital and the Breast Advisory Committee at Palos Community Hospital, the only plastic and reconstructive surgeon invited to be a member of these committees that oversee system-wide breast health. 

Three elective procedures are available to help women refine the size, shape and projection of their breasts. Through these procedures, you can achieve the desired refinement in your silhouette, providing you with a result that is both healthy and aesthetically-pleasing.




Breast Augmentation

Dr. Salvino performs breast augmentation procedures on women who wish to have fuller or larger breasts. This cosmetic procedure is one of the most popular body procedures for women and involves the insertion of a saline or silicone implant to increase the size or projection of the breasts. Using a variety of techniques, Dr. Salvino will individualize your breast augmentation surgery to ensure you have the breasts that are ideal for you.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a procedure Dr. Salvino performs on women who, through age or after weight loss or pregnancy, see the effects of gravity on their breasts. This can leave you with breasts that are less full and lack the projection they once did. To achieve the desired result, Dr. Salvino will utilize skin tightening techniques to restore youth to your breasts and improve the appearance and position of the areola and nipple, as needed.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can be performed on women who have overly large, pendulous breasts. Oftentimes, these breasts may cause pain for the patient and may also present other health and hygiene issues. Using skin and tissue tightening techniques, Dr. Salvino will reduce the size of your breasts, relieving your neck, back and shoulders and slenderizing your overall silhouette.