Face Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on those wishing to correct a variety of issues, whether you struggle with drooping eyelids or wish to improve the projection of your chin with an augmentation, among other procedures.

Brow Lift

If time has taken its toll on your upper and mid face, causing your brow to droop a Brow Lift performed by Dr. Salvino can correct the issue. Using skin tightening techniques, Dr. Salvino will skillfully lift your brow helping you to look more youthful and better rested.


Years of aging, even if it was done with a smile can cause your lower face to sag, leading to jowls in your jaw. In this case, a facelift performed by Dr. Salvino, which utilizes skin tightening techniques, will remove the sagginess, streamlining your face to shave years off your appearance.

Chin Surgery

If your chin is out of proportion with the rest of your face, either by over or under-projection, Dr. Salvino can perform Chin Surgery to bring symmetry. Either using techniques to minimize the appearance of your chin or augmenting it to add projection, Dr. Salvino will help you achieve an aesthetically-pleasing result.

Ear Pinning Surgery

An Ear Pinning Surgery is a procedure Dr. Salvino offers to individuals whose ears are misshapen or suffer from over-projection. If you are an ideal candidate for ear pinning surgery, Dr. Salvino will refine the cartilage and use techniques to pin back the ears, making them less visible when you are seen from the front.

Eyelid Surgery

If you struggle with drooping or sagging eyelids, either brought on by age or hereditary factors, you may be an ideal candidate for Eyelid Surgery performed by Dr. Salvino. Using refined skin and tissue tightening techniques, Dr. Salvino will restore youth and vibrancy to your eye area.

Nose Surgery

Individuals who feel their nose is too large or out of proportion with their face may turn to Dr. Salvino to undergo Nose Surgery. In this procedure, Dr. Salvino will work with the underlying bone and cartilage in your nose to bring it into symmetry with the rest of your face.

Facial Implants

Dr. Salvino offers Facial Implants to patients for a variety of uses. These augmenting products may be used to add volume or increase the projection of areas of the face including the chin, cheeks or jaw.

Fat Grafting

As an alternative to the professional-grade dermal fillers he offers, Dr. Salvino also performs Fat Grafting procedures on patients who wish to restore volume to areas of the face that appear hollow or exhibit lines or wrinkles.