I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Michael Salvino and the staff at Salvino Plastic Surgery. 

After losing 80lbs naturally, I was ready to reward myself and take the final step in my journey. From the initial call to set up my consultation, to my very last follow up appointment and all the in between, Dr. Salvino and his staff were absolutely wonderful.

After meeting Dr. Salvino for the first time, I was confident I had finally found the surgeon I had been searching for. Kind and considerate, patient and understanding, they were devoted to make me feel comfortable and respected. I have never in my life received such exceptional patient care.

-Katie M.


In 2011, I contracted a deadly infection, necrotizing fasciitis. When the on duty surgeon did not have time to see me, Dr. Salvino was called. Because of his sense of duty, ethics and compassion surgery was performed immediately. Dr. Salvino saved my life that night and made it possible for me to see my childrens birthdays and the birth of my first grandchild. I am grateful beyond words.

-Michael H.


Dr. Salvino made me feel comfortable from the very beginning when I first met him at my consultation for breast augmentation. I was confident in him and immediately felt I was in good hands. He was very personable in getting to know me as a person to help guide me on the implant size and type. The consultation made me feel at ease and he answered all my questions on implants and the procedure where I felt I was making an informed decision. Dr. Salvino and staff were extremely accommodating and patient with my questions leading up to the procedure and after.

Dr. Salvino exceeded my expectations and I am beyond pleased with the results. Not only would I recommend him, but my close friend, who is a medical provider for another doctor that specializes in the breast would highly recommend him as well. She routinely sees his patients after procedures and recommended him to me stating she wouldn't go to anyone but him if she were to have a cosmetic procedure. 

You are in good hands with Dr. Salvino and I would have to agree with my friend, I wouldn't have any other surgeon perform a cosmetic procedure on me other than him.



When facing a double mastectomy, Dr. Salvino was very patient in answering my many questions about breast reconstruction and seemed to know his trade well. He is laid back, positive, respectful, always a smile and has a very good support team. I have been very satisfied in having Dr. Salvino do my surgeries and make me feel whole again.



After a bilateral mastectomy, Dr. Salvino's plastic surgery skills and knowledge helped me get through the breast reconstruction process with confidence. During the months of tissue expansion sessions, he listened patiently to my concerns and questions, explaining with direct, easy to understand answers. As a result, I was always feeling in control of personal body decisions. His professionalism is always present, while showing compassion and a pleasant smile to put matters at ease. Definately keeping Dr. Salvino at the top of my personal medical/surgical caretaker list.

-Mary B.


While looking for a plastic surgeon for my breast augmentation, I came across Dr. Salvino. I set up my consultation right away based off his reviews online. The minute I met Dr. Salvino, I was immediately comfortable. He spoke to me like a human and not some "project." I am beyond pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Salvino. 

-Nicole M.


Dr. Salvino is fantastic. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was scared that I would not look like myself after the reconstruction. His thoughtfulness, honesty and personality made the process much easier. He explained everything in detail so I knew what to expect. I was comfortable asking questions and felt like he really cared. I still have one more procedure and believe it or not, I am looking forward to it.



When I was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, I found I wanted to act as quickly as possible and do whatever it was I needed to do. Having gone to the same physician for 30 years, I relied on her opinion as to the surgeon. After gathering the information that I needed, I decided on Salvino Plastic Surgery in Hinsdale. Dr. Michael Salvino was confident, easy to talk to, understanding and most importantly, listened to me. This is definately what I needed when looking down a dark tunnel, wondering what my outcome would be. I felt at the time of the initial meeting that I was in good hands.

Throughout the expansion and the subsequent reconstruction, I found Dr. Salvino maintained the same composure and confidence that I so needed during the process. Appointments are on time, there is no waiting and the office visits are fast and efficient. 

The emotional part of this experience cannot be described in words. What I needed was someone who was upbeat, had a good sense of humor and talked with me - even in the front office before going in to see the doctor. Julie was wonderful in that regard; always pleasant, never hurrying, listening and offering words of encouragement.

Choosing Salvino Plastic Surgery was a great decision.